difference between living in an urban and rural area

Communal Facilities Which are Typically Beneficial of Charitable Renovations

15 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

difference between living in an urban and rural areaThe difference between living in an urban and rural area is huge. There are many pros and cons why you should live in both places. The quality of life is different but it’s more of a preference of what a quality life really means. Some people enjoy the crowd, the traffic and the sounds of the big cities while others enjoy the peace and calmness of the suburbs and the villages despite the fact they are too far away from the important cultural and economic happenings.

One of the differences that are important is the way people communicate between themselves. In cities, it is unusual for people to greet each other on the street. It’s like this for a simple reason, big cities have a lot of people which is impossible to know personally. In small communities, it is typical to wish everyone a good day on the streets because you most probably know personally. This closeness in relations is important for something else that is much more important.

When people are friendly to each other, they tend to stick together in good and bad days. This is something that is way less common in a big city. When disasters strike, the neighbors in smaller communities will most likely help each other to be safe. They also take care of the environment and the community as a part of their daily routine. This is almost unbelievable to happen in a big city as people know they pay taxes to the city officials whose job is to provide service for all problems considering the environment and the public goods.

Smaller communities also have public service but sometimes it’s simply impossible for the team assigned from the officials to fix some problem. Villages have a small population and a team of not too many public servants. There’s simply no need for more except in times when something unusual happens, like natural disasters or renovating a public building such as a school, or a church.

Renovating a schoolRenovating a school is an important task for every community as the children spend a lot of time there. The building must be in perfect condition because the complete working of it depends on this. However, renovating costs a lot of money, time, supplies, and people engaged in the process. Such communities have no funds for these kinds of operations and most of the time depends on the charity from locals.


Charity doesn’t always mean money. For this kind of problem money is less important than working power or better said, people working on the problem. It is a normal thing for them to bring whatever tool they have at home that might help in renovating a public place. Together, these men work to fix every problem. Everyone contribute and this is a perfect charity for such need.

Another problem occurs when there’s a need for more complex machines. Not everyone has a concrete mixer with a big capacity or a driller. Of course, this equipment is not always needed for renovation, but some are almost always wanted and is good to have them. Some of the most needed tools for renovating are small concrete mixers, air compressors, standard tools you use at home, and other necessities for special operations.

The concrete mixer is needed for fixing some of the torn parts that time had an effect on. Air compressors can help in many parts of the fixing process but also for a good work of the building’s amenities too. However, an air compressor is not something everyone has in their garage ready to be used, so some communities decide to purchase one for their needs when fixing the public property.

A good air compressor works by turning electricity into an air pressure that can be used for many needs. Some of the needs are pressing clean air into gas cylinders, regulating the heating system in schools, hospital, and other public buildings, but also supplied with energy a lot of pneumatic tools needed while renovating, such as machine tires, jackhammers, high-pressure air tanks, and other purposes.

Standard tools can be provided by the people helping in the charitable renovation. Screwdrivers, nails, hammers, pliers, and other stuff are something everyone has in their home. The only thing left is the will for helping and time. Knowing that most of the citizens work during the week, these renovations are happening after work or during the weekends, but if more people come to help, damaged parts will be fixed in no time. That’s why churches, hospitals, schools, governmental buildings, are almost always in good condition in smaller places. Because of the will of locals to do charitable work.

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