Having a hot shower

Hot Water Is Nice But Do We Need It Everywhere?

16 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

Having a hot showerHaving a hot shower after a long day at work is beautiful, right? Hot water has become a necessity over the years for many reasons. Showering, washing dishes, and other needs have made us think that hot water is so normal that we can’t even imagine our life without it.

Having a water heater in the bathroom is kind of standard equipment in the house. Some houses have special rooms where large water heaters are placed. Other have solar panels and other water heating accessories. Whatever the personal choice for heating water is, all houses must have a water heating apparatus that will provide hot water at all times that is needed.

Unlike houses and homes where people live, public places have no such need of hot water. There’s no need for constant hot water flow as people in these places simply don’t shower or wash dishes as we mentioned before. For example, people going into concert halls or churches spend their time watching a show or listening to a priest after which they usually go home. They even don’t visit the toilet or have contact with a faucet to use any kind of water. That’s why there’s no need for hot water in places like this.

If we take concert halls as an example again, we must understand that even though the audience coming to the shows only use the toilet for washing their hands, it still needs an apparatus that produces hot water. Why? Because the audience is not the only one using water in the building. Sure, visitors that need the restroom can use the water that is simply not connected to a water heater. There’s no need for hot water when we wash our hands. Cold water is just enough, but what about other people?

benefits of tankless water heaterBehind the scene, in the backstage, and in the dressing rooms the performers must get ready for the show and very often have a shower after the performance. Also, a whole team is working with them. Hair stylists, makeup artists, dress designers, and maintenance employees all need hot water. For every single of these duties, they need hot water occasionally. This means that a concert hall manager can’t simply leave the place without hot water. Water heaters must be installed. But, do we really need hot water everywhere and at all times? How to prevent the unnecessary spending on water and electricity to save the environment and our budget at the same time?

The answer is very simple – tankless water heaters. Other solutions are a lot more impractical. Tankless water heaters are excellent because they are very convenient for this need. They heat the water only when you press the water button or turn on the faucet. This way, the concert hall manager won’t have a problem with turning on and off the standard water heater just to save excessive spending of electricity.

Tankless water heaters work in a very simple way. They are installed on the main water supply system. When water passes through the pipes, the heater instantly heats the water and turn it from cold to hot. This way, anyone that needs hot water will get it right away and the manager shouldn’t worry if someone forgot to turn on the heater or the heater is working non-stop and spends a lot of money.

A standard 4 person family uses around 90 gallons of water every day. More than half of it used for showering, and washing dishes and clothes. That means a lot of hot water is used every day. In churches, schools, theatres, administrative buildings, and other public venues, hot water is used on a much lower scale. That’s why there is no need of installing the same water heating system in places that don’t use hot water on a daily level.

Tankless water heaters are also suitable for homes even though the need for hot water compared to the public venues is very different. Homes, especially those in which more people live can really benefit from this. A 4-person family will certainly use the shower at the same time before going to work or when the day reaches bed time. A classic water heater can face a hot water shortage and someone might be left out. With a tankless heater, this can’t happen because until you have water in your pipes you’ll also have hot water.

They are also very easy to maintain. A tankless water heater needs no maintenance. It is installed once and that basically it. This is another reason why they are very convenient. A home can really benefit from it, but for a public place, we can say it is a must if you want to save money and the environment at the same time

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