Free Concert by Boats

Free Concert by Boats

5 May 2020 Sanctum Bristol

Free Concert by BoatsIf you are a marine fanatic or a boat owner, enjoying music may be of great value to you. Music indeed adds a charming touch to whatever place you are around, yet the experience of live music by the sea or in a marine place is extremely captivating and glamorous. After in-depth research, here is some of the most famous marine concerts and festivals.


Sponsored by Sea Ray boats and MarineMax, AquaPalooza is a boating festival that is held in different locations every year. It is advertised as “The World’s Largest Boat Party” and declares that it attracts more than 12,000 boats to areas often nearby the U.S. However, the festival is also held in other international locations.

Pensacola Gulfside Pavilion

Pensacola Beach usually holds several concerts named Bands on the Beach held between May and October. They are not usually headlining acts, there is a great variety in the type of music every time. When the conditions are appropriate, Bands on the Beach allows you to anchor your boat and set out your funky chairs or hammock and be part of the crowd.

Marina Del Rey Summer Concert Series:

Before the end of the summer, Marina Del Rey’s is the wrap up of all outdoor, by-the-water concerts. Marina Del Rey Summer Concerts are a series of inspiring music and pop concerts at the elegant Burton Chace Park. Often for two nights on raw, some of the most unforgettable musical masterpieces are performed; electrifying concert, the fusion of jazz, rockabilly, reggae, flamenco, and cumbia. It is one of the most enjoyable marine concerts. You will enjoy the serene sunset while listening to some magical rhythms until the night covers everywhere with a dome of stars.

Humphrey’s By the Bay:

Humphrey’s is one of the music venues in San Diego where you can see top performers in an outdoor space. The beautiful spot surrounded by palm trees is what makes this festival amazing.

If you love spending time on your boat but do not like a crowded place, you can have a marine amplifier. What is Marine Amplifier and Why Should I have It?

FirstMerit Bank Pavilion:

With seating capacity reaches 30,000, this concert venue is considered by no means the most exceptional one in the U.S. Located in Chicago, on Northerly Island, boaters can anchor and enjoy the music and listen to the tunes coming from FirstMerit Bank Pavilion. If you can’t pull into the harbor, you can anchor in Lake Michigan, but you might not get much of a view. There is no wonder then to find big-name bands performing there.

Jones Beach Theater:

This is an outdoor amphitheater that was built in 1952, and rehabilitated completely in 2012. This amazing arena holds numerous big musicals and festivals every year. Located in Wantagh, NY, the Jones Beach Theater attracts glamorous bands and trendy crowds.  This venue allows concertgoers to beach their boats off the beach to enjoy concerts without away from the crowd. Though you won’t be able to see much of the staging area, you can still meander up into Zach’s Bay your ears will be in for a treat.

Concert-Like Sound on Boat

If you love the greatness of the sea and the rumbling of music, the places mentioned above are the places to spend memorable moments. However, if you do not like crowds and hectic venues, all that you have to do is upgrade the sound system on your boat. The most important thing to focus on to improve to have life-like music is to install marine amplifiers. Marine amplifiers have many remarkable advantages.

What is a marine amplifier, and why should I have it?

The amplifier is exposed to a significant amount of moisture, and sometimes to a direct splash. This exposure to saltwater and humidity is harmful to boats. Marine amplifiers are designed to withstand such challenging conditions. They are a clever choice to protect your boat from the corrosive effects of the marine weather.

Moreover, you need to enjoy music despite the noise of the waves and the wind. A good marine amplifier provides you with sound range and power to overcome any interference on water.

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