Having a party at your house

Getting Ready to Host This Big Gathering

15 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

Having a party at your houseHaving a party at your house is a beautiful experience. Getting ready for it, on the other hand, is not as pleasant as the party itself. It is something that must be done for a cool party, anyhow. Fixing a birthday party for your children, gathering the family for a holiday, or simply inviting your friends for an event that you love hosting is something that is a lot of fun.

Getting ready for this event is stressful and exhausting though. Especially if you have a big house, you’ll have to make a complete clean-up of the place. Get all rooms in a perfect condition, make them all sparkling clean, and arrange the interior to be party-friendly. This action might take a few days if you’re not prepared well. Not having the adequate tools can also be a huge problem in getting ready. What do you need and how to do a perfect job preparing for the big day – read on, and learn more.

First of all, you need a plan. See what you need and how to best clean every part of the house. You’ll most probably need a vacuum cleaner, towels, cleaning formula, and for the yard, it will be best if you use some of the many pressure washers available on the market.

get ready for partyIt’s important to start working step by step. First, clean the house from things that are not placed where they belong. For example, get all the dishes back at their place, all the kids’ toys too and all other stuff that you’ll find around the house. Then, use the cleaning formula for cleaning up dust from places that you find any. Dust will most certainly fall on the ground and that’s why it’s important first to get the dust and vacuum later. When you finish this, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the hard or the wooden surfaces inside your house. Stone floors, laminate, parquet, whatever you have. When you do this, finish the carpets, rugs, and upholstery with the special add-ons meant for this job. It’s important to do this last inside the house because dust tends to get stuck inside the carpet hairs and will stay there until it is vacuumed. If you do the other way around, some particles will get inside your carpets after you clean them. They’ll look fresh, but they won’t be perfect.

In the end, take care of the outside of the house. The porch, deck, or patio are a very important part in every party, so this must be in perfect condition too. Also, the yard is something that might take a lot of your time too. First, take care of the grass. If it needs to be cut, then do this first. Take the collected residues and throw them in the garbage. After this tricky part is done, take care of the plants if you have any. They don’t need to look like you’re living in the White House but make sure they also don’t look like the house is abandoned.

yard partyWhen the yard is done, take care of the patio and the terraces. They can be cleaned by a good carpet cleaner you used inside, but this will take you a lot of time and will completely exhaust you. The yard is a huge area compared to your inside even though it looks the opposite. It will take forever. That’s why you should get some of the many pressure washers out there. A pressure washer will clean an area of a hard surface is no time. Tiles, stones, or hardwood will be swapped in seconds living no trace. The sun afterward will dry the place and it will be ready without you even trying.


If the event is happening in winter, make sure you leave a little more time for the water remains to vaporize, or simply go over them with a dry towel if there’s no more time for waiting.

In the end, serve the food and the drinks on a visible place so that everyone can take what they want. If you’re planning an event with some decorations, place them too. For example, what a Halloween party would be without some ghosts or skeletons here and there?


A very important part of the whole set up is to give yourself enough time. If you have a big house, be sure that you won’t be able to clean it up in one day no matter the equipment you have. In this case, make a good plan and think about what should be done first and what last. It’s not wise to first place the food on the table and vacuum last. If you’re planning to clean in two days, then it’s best to do the yard and the patio first and the inside of the house last. Make a plan, have it all in mind, and you’ll have the best party ever.

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