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How to Raise The Category Grade Of Your Concert Hall

15 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

small concert hallIf you’re running a small concert hall, you know that the acoustics is not the only thing that’s important for inviting great orchestras and having amazing concerts. You need a hall that has a lot of facilities and amenities that will increase the category and the rating. So the question is how to do this and what is most important for making your concert hall a top-notch institution?

First of all, let’s not forget about that most important part – acoustics. Whatever you do, make sure the hall stays intact in the means of acoustics. Don’t add walls, or change the look of the ceiling. If you decide to renovate the floors and the walls, be sure you keep the same materials.

The important part that will give you a grade up, is backstage and service facilities of the building. Great concert halls are looking more like hotels than music institutions. There’s everything inside that helps both the guests and the performers feel like rock stars. Backstage is the place where performers spend the most time before and after the show. They must feel relaxed in order to give their best on stage. That means special rooms for them where they can relax, practice, and get completely ready for the audience.

Great concert hallsThis means installing and maintaining perfect accompanying facilities with the stage and the backstage area. Great concert halls have kitchens with professional chefs that prepare anything the stars need. That’s something you should think about if you decide to renovate. The kitchen can’t be something improvised or small. Great concert halls are receiving hundreds of people at the same time, so it’s really important the kitchen be well equipped at all times.

Kitchen equipment, accessories, and amenities that go with it are very important. Some of the things needed for the kitchen are also something it’s best installing anywhere around the building. Kitchen faucets and sinks, for example, are something that’s essential everywhere. You can’t have expensive faucets in the visitor’s area and something affordable that is looking cheap in the kitchen where your employees work. This will make them frustrated and unhappy and unhappy employees will make an atmosphere that’s not perfect.

Maintaining the whole place is a challenge of its own. There’s no room for mistakes. Leaving some of the areas not well covered is simply unacceptable. The whole place must be sparkling if you want to be taken seriously and attract seriously important and great performers. No matter how happy your employees are, they’ll never manage to their job with 100% efficiency. It’s impossible. That’s why you need to do everything in your power to make their work easier. remember when we talked about kitchen faucets, well this is a perfect way to see where you can contribute in the perfect maintenance. Install those stainless faucets that are very easy to maintain and look very elegant at the same time. Depending on the style of your theatre, you’ll choose the type of faucets. If you’re running a modern-type theatre, then find something adequate. If you have an old building that is in a traditional style, they have something similar in mind.

Same goes for the restrooms. Everyone will visit one of the restrooms at your theatre. Make sure they are perfectly clean, but also take care of the details. Use the same faucets and sinks that you installed in other places as it will make a trademark of the whole place.

Making the performers and the employees happy is important, but you also must think of the audience. When renovating, try to improve some of the following:


Standards for theatre seats have changed over the years. If you’re running a concert hall that’s a couple of decades old, you’ll have to change the seats with new, modern, and more spacious ones. You’ll also need more room for the legs so don’t be afraid to cut on the capacity if you can improve the comfort.


Changing stage lights will improve the experience for the audience, but it will also save you a lot of money. Installing new more powerful and energy-saving LED lights will make a huge difference.


Another change of standards is in the air-conditioning section. Back in the day, people were used to the heat but not anymore. You must invest in a quality air-conditioning system that will cover the whole place. It’s very hard to keep a perfect temperature in large halls but think of this as an investment that will highly increase the audience experience.

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