Heat a Large Hall

Most Appropriate Ways To Heat a Large Hall

15 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

A large hall that can host hundreds and even thousands of people is extremely hard and expensive to heat. The money is not the only problem. Managing to heat every part of it at the same time and with the same amount of temperature is a challenge of its own.

Heat a Large Hall

Different managers use different types of methods to heat their halls. It doesn’t matter if it’s a church, a hospital auditorium, or a concert hall, it’s really difficult to heat a wide area of empty space. The first thing a manager should think about when renovating is getting a better insulation. Old walls might be damaged, or simply constructed with different methods back in the day, so it’s wise to make a research and see if you can do something about this. A good insulation will help the heat stay inside the hall instead of dispersing and disappearing through the thin walls.

Radiator heatingThen, choosing a good heating method is next on the list. Radiators were very popular for a long period of time. They were considered the best option when heating large objects is in question. They are now old-fashioned. The main reason for this is that radiators can be noisy because they rely on water or air flowing through them. In a hall where silence is a must, this is simply unacceptable. Also, radiators are hot if you touch them, and in a crowded place, you can’t let someone get a burn just to keep the place comfortable.

Another option is to heat blowers. Heat blowers are like fans used for drying your hair. They blow hot wind in the distance. They are not the perfect option because they can heat a particular area by blowing the hot wind, but it’s not appropriate because the area close to the blower will become extra hot, while places that are more distant will remain cold. They also spend a lot of electricity and are pretty expensive.

Some theatre managers are using gas heaters for heating their hall. Some of them are still using an old and overused system that is now too expensive to be changed. However, even it looks kind of appropriate and fits in perfectly into the old interior, the gas heaters are not at all practical. They create gasses that must be transferred through chimneys, and modern gas heaters that use special systems to combust the heat are unsafe to be used in places with a lot of people.

Some of the best options for heating a large hall instead using the mentioned ones are radiant and infrared heaters or inverter air-conditioners.

Radiant and Infrared Heaters

Radiant and Infrared Heaters

Radiant and infrared heaters are very convenient for this use. They are excellent and probably the best choice when heating large areas are in question. It doesn’t matter if it’s a theatre hall, church, warehouse, or a big garage. They are the best choice because of the way they heat-up the area. Their heat rays travel in a straight line allowing the air to be heated as they go.

However, both use a different system to create heat. The radiant heater emits electromagnetic waves while infrared heaters emit infrared radiation that is longer than visible light but shorter than microwaves. They are both very effective in warming-up large premises.

Inverter Air-conditioners

Inverter air-conditioners are very eco-friendly as they spend very little electricity while they produce a lot of energy. They are great for large garages and warehouses, but not so much for theatre halls because they rely on spreading hot air from the device and over to the distance. Depending on the strength of the inverter, more heat can be transferred from them to the distance.

However, the fact still remains that people sitting near the unit will feel a lot more heat than those sitting in the farthest part of the hall. That’s why inverters are excellent for heating large premises that should remain hot but not so much for halls where people spend more time.


As we can see, the best options for heating-up a large hall are radiant and infrared heaters. They produce the exact type of heat that is best for heating a large area where people spend more time. The second best option is Inverter air-conditioners as they are very eco-friendly but the type of heat they produce is not as good as the one coming from radiant and infrared heaters.

All other options we previously mentioned are simply outdated or not good enough. Some lack safety, and some are way too expensive. If you’re looking for the best choice, that’s definitely radiant or infrared heater.

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