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Should we Stop Having Carnivals and Free Concerts?

16 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

open concertsLive open concerts are fun, no doubt. Loud music in a city square, people singing together with the band and enjoying a nice evening with your friends under the sky is amazing, but have you thought about the downsides? Do you realize that there are way more negative aspects from a live concert or a carnival happening in the city? Do you know some of them?

For one, the littering during and after the happening. It is outrageous what people leave behind them after the show is done. A simple concert happening at a public place, a square, or a park, leaves a ton of garbage that someone must clean-up. City officials are usually aware of this problem and do their job right after the concert is finished. When you pass through the same place next morning it looks like nothing happened. But do you know what people in charge of city maintenance have to go through until they collect all the garbage? It’s like a war zone after these events.

That’s why many people are backing up an initiative for banning such events. They think that carnivals and free concerts don’t belong in the city where people live and work. They imply on the negative aspects of these events such as the littering we already mentioned. Another thing that’s common is peace disturbance. People drink and disturb the peace of other people. They fight on the streets, yell, break public property, and until police arrive they already caused the damage and left innocent people without their sleep.

Traffic chaos is another thing that these people highlight. Especially in large cities where a lot of people are on the streets and in the traffic. For example, New York’s Times Square is a place where someone performs daily. Every day something’s happening here and sometimes the crowd gets so big that the police must shut down a few streets. Manhattan’s traffic is enormous and every roadblock creates even a bigger mess. The carnival in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil is considered to be the biggest one on the planet. It happens on the streets of the city and gathers more than a million tourists. Rio De Janeiro itself is a city of almost 7 million people with another 5 million living in the metropolitan area. That means the carnival completely shuts down the normal functioning of the city in which more than 13 million people are present at the same time.

trash after carnivalAfter the carnival, Rio’s officials must handle almost 500 tons of garbage. Can you imagine what kind of pollution that is? Where do you store 500 tons of garbage in one night? It’s pretty similar in all events happening free in cities. The city’s garbage companies must quickly clean-up the place. Sometimes the waste is so big that all the trucks and all the people are not enough. That’s why city officials are trying to purchase some of the most modern and state of the art garbage disposals there are on the market.


Unlike before, now waste management has turned into a recycling process. That’s why some of the ingredients collected on city squares must undergo a special process to become suitable for recycling. Even though people don’t really mind what and where they throw, people collecting the garbage must do a special selection to do a good recycling.

The best solution for this waste nightmare would be to everyone keeps their trash. It would be best if every visitor on the free concert or whatever happening it is keeps what they meant to throw in the garbage. Special bags can be found in every market that will store and safely transport the remaining of the food or drink. At home, a good selection of the garbage can be done and the waste companies will have a much easier job.

What can be processed through the garbage disposals should be done immediately. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, this is a good time to think about getting one as this really contributes to saving the environment. There are two types of garbage disposals – batch and continuous feed. The second ones are much more common as they are easier to use. You simply turn them on and off on a switch, while the batch type is more complex.

Live and open-air concerts are great, but we all must appreciate the chance to be there and save the environment. If we can’t do that and leave a terrible mess behind us, then it’s better to ban all open concerts, carnivals, and events that both pollute and clutch the city.

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