Chatham-Kent flooded

Many Catacombs and Underground Chambers of Churches Threatened of Flooding Across the UK

16 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

Chatham-Kent floodedOne of the most important churches of Chatham-Kent, UK, was flooded late yesterday as the officials couldn’t stop the water from getting into the homes of the citizens and the public buildings. The church in the middle of the city is one of the most notable historic venues in the area. The flood caused great damage as the water entered the basement of the church where many important artifacts from centuries ago were kept there.

The city officials say that they had no chance to do anything about it as the river has become too powerful for them. This is no excuse, however, as it is the city’s job to keep the public property safe and to act in time to prevent catastrophes. The church’s basement is still underwater while keeping other objects safe is now a priority for the police, army, and the firefighting squad.

This is not the first time a church’s basement get flooded in the area. A year ago at the almost same time, a different church in nearby Snodland suffered a similar flooding. A whole week the basement there spent underwater until it was cleared by the help from the locals. All this should be a wake-up call for the governments of these small towns around Southern England to provide equipment that will keep them prepared for the flooding season.

They must provide proper equipment for preventing the flooding but also a few things that will help them get rid of the incoming water into some of the most important venues, like the churches who are part of our historical heritage. These buildings are part of the identity of the people and we simply can’t allow a flood to destroy them. Water not being extracted from the basement of an old church can create a lot of problems if not the worst – collapsing of the building. A typical damage is destroying the walls and everything there is inside. Destroying the walls mean the whole building is in danger and that’s why we must act quickly before something more serious happens.

So what needs to be done for situations like these? How can city officials prevent and solve a flooded church basement? Very easy – sump pump. Sump pumps extract the water with ease, they don’t cost a whole fortune, and are very to manage. Some sump pumps shouldn’t even be specially kept or brought to the place as they can be installed at the basement and stay there until water reaches inside the premise.

The sump pump works in a very simple way but does a lot of good things. It collects the water reaching inside the basement and run by a motor it pumps the water through pipes outside. The pipes can be placed anywhere you like them, so even though outside it’s rainy and the streets are flooded, the basement will still stay water-empty. It won’t be completely dry, but humidity won’t cause such damage as a complete flood. A sump pump can be combined with a dehumidifier for extra results but knowing that the officials haven’t even installed sump pumps, we’ll probably have to wait more for this.

how does a sump pump workThe solution for preventing floods again might be in installing interior or exterior drains. However, this might be impossible since the churches have already a construction that can’t be modified and additional digging around it might cause more problems than solving problems. That’s why historical heritage must always have sump pump ready for action, especially in places like these who are in the lowlands and floods happen often.

Some parts of the United Kingdom are lowlands that are always treated with floods. People there have been living with this problem for centuries and were always prepared. However, sometimes, like this one, churches get flooded and they suffer great damage. This simply can’t be allowed. Everyone should be aware that floods sometimes can’t be controlled and a good quality battery backup sump pump can solve a lot of problems.

Catacombs and underground chambers are very common across the UK. Inside there are artifacts who’s worth and eventual loss can’t be compensated. City officials must do everything in their power to provide these machines that will immediately get rid of the incoming water. Even if they can’t solve the problem fast enough, they’ll do so much to prevent a catastrophe.

If preventing the water from getting in is impossible, then treating the problem is a must. Even if the city can’t find men to fight the flood, some of the church workers can overview the sump pump working. That’s just enough.

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