Top Supplies You Need in the Wilderness

Top Supplies You Need in the Wilderness

16 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

Top Supplies You Need in the WildernessHaving an adventure in the wilderness is amazing, no doubt, but preparing in the best possible way for the challenge can be a real struggle. People going in nature for the first time will try to pack everything they use at home but this is simply impossible. Your backpack can only hold so little. Forget the microwave, your espresso machine, and the blender. Nature is a place where you’ll have to find an alternative way for preparing your essential needs.

If you’re one of the folks going first time in the great outdoors, or you’re always coping with too much gear and can’t find a perfect solution for what needs to be brought, here’s a list of things that you absolutely need in the wild. Everything else is just extra. You can forget about the other things completely, but these things are necessary and you must always have them with you.


Knife for wildernessA knife is a must when going in the wilderness. A knife is a lifesaver in many situations and the most important tool. With a knife you can open cans, cut wood to make fire, cut a rope needed for different parts of the tent that you need for the camp, hunt for animals that are eatable, and many other things.

Every experienced outdoor adventurer has a personal knife that relies on. They carry about its sharpness and always try to be in perfect condition because a good knife will eventually save your life. Some people prefer one of those multi-functional knives with lots of other features. They are also good even though the original function, cutting, is not as powerful as a simple sharp knife and a handle is.


Rope for wildernessThe second must and a lifesaver for every person going in nature – rope. You might see a blue sky without any clouds, but nature is so unpredictable that it can change the weather in a matter of minutes. You never know when rain or even snow might fall down and what kinds of situations you’ll have to face during your adventure. A rope might save your life if you get into troubles.

Also, a rope is a part of the necessary equipment for setting up camp, making a tent and transport of wood or other supplies. You should have at least a few meters of rope in your back at all times. Just in case.


A first-aid kit might never be used but if something bad happens and you have no sanitary equipment, things might go very wrong. Just imagine what a small cut can do to you if it is not treated well. Let’s say you cut on a wire that you didn’t see somewhere in the forest. If you have nothing to treat the wound it will get infected and create a serious problem.


Unless you’re a veteran sailor and you can precisely find the way according to the stars and the moon, then you really need a compass. Today, technology offers wristwatches with GPS that can show you the way with a precision of just a few inches, so this is the best option. If you don’t have this gadget, a simple old fashion compass is very important.

If you have forgotten any kind of navigation equipment, you can always use the needle from the first aid kit and place it on a leaf to find where north is. Place the leaf in a calm lake, or a simple bowl and the needle will point the direction. However, it’s best to lean on technology if it possible.

Cooler bag

Cooler bag for wildernessA cooler bag is important for your food and drinks. Some of the best cooler bags have special compartments for water and other for food.¬†Even if you’re planning to travel lightweight, cooler bags are a must. In this case, you’ll want one of those bags that are foldable and easy to be packed with the other things when you don’t use it anymore. For example, you finished all the food and drinks at camp and now you have a long way home. Don’t worry about the bag, it can be packed inside the backpack.

If you’re planning to go camping and spend several days in nature, then you have other types of bags. Some of the best cooler bags for these needs can store a lot of food and drinks and keep them cold for days. This might not fit your lightweight packing plan, but going without food or risking your food to rot is simply dangerous.


As we can see, a knife, rope, first-aid kit, navigation and food storing are most important. Everything else is a personal preference, but these things are a total must. Never go in the great outdoors without these things. Prepare well and have the time of your life out there.

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