Music played loudly

Which Music Genres Are best Played Loudly And Which Ones Quietly

15 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

Generally, all music should be played to the volume that the person enjoys. There is no rule and some people enjoy music only with the volume turned to the max while others love listening to different genres quieter. However, there’s a common acceptance about some genres and the way it is best to listen to them.

For example, church music, classical, smooth jazz, are all enjoyed in peace and with the volume on the low levels. On the other side, hip-hop, rock, metal, are types of music that most people love to listen loudly. Talking about this, we can’t skip but mentioning the ambient that most people enjoy listening to all these different genres. For example, church music wouldn’t be called like that if the church is not the best and most suitable place to listen to it. Rarely you see a person listen to this type in the car while going to a party. On the other hand, driving to a party is best enjoyed while listening to hip-hop. The bass sounds of this music type are enjoyable for people that love rap.

So what music is best played loudly and what quietly? Follow up and learn more.

Music played quietly

quiet musicAs we already said, church music, classical, smooth jazz, but also soul, and reggae are best played in silence. These genres are best for the time we love to relax and enjoy a book. Loud music doesn’t fit into the picture of snow, warm tea, and your favorite book right? You need something that’s enjoying and doesn’t massage your brain.

There’s no perfect music for listening quietly. Some people prefer jazz, others feel good listening to instrumental classics. But a common factor is that all these genres are best enjoyed quietly.

Reading a book, falling asleep, sunbathing, talking to a friend while drinking coffee, enjoying a view of the city from a high building terrace – these are all some of the situations people love to spend while listening to the types of music we already mentioned.

Music played loudly

Music played loudlyMusic played loudly is best enjoyed at a party. Loud music is best when it is listened to by many people at once. The music connects the people at the party and it creates a happy feeling. That’s why everyone loves partying.

Another place where people love listening to loud music in the car. Driving and listening to music creates a feeling that is similar to the one of the party. High volume on our favorite songs makes us feel ecstatic. Also, when the music is loud we can’t hear if we sing badly, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Some of the genres that are best listened loudly are rap, rock, metal, pop, country, and others. Depending on the preference, of course, people enjoying these kinds of music types, enjoy listening to them in their cars with the volume turned up. However, loud music doesn’t mean the best enjoyment. If you’re not having a quality sound system in your car, the volume up means nothing, and the sound will be more like garbage than music.

That’s why people install quality sound systems with more speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers in the trunk. Some people go the extra mile and install really expensive equipment with amplifiers and car subwoofers that are state of the art when producing the sound output are in question. But, nothing is too expensive for people that enjoy loud music in their car. This is because a poor sound system simply destroys the song if it is played on something not producing good output.


We explained what genres are best listened quietly, and which ones are best for listening loud. No matter if you love listening to your favorite tunes at home, on the earplugs, or in the car, you must be sure that you’re using a quality sound system. This will make the joy greater, the feeling better, and it will most likely save your hearing from damaging.

If you’re listening at home, make sure you’re using a good amplifier and a powerful 5.1 system that is professionally installed in the room meant for music. If it’s a car, make sure you have a good car subwoofer for that bass playlist you love.

And it doesn’t matter which genre is your favorite, a good sound system will make every song a different experience if you listen to it on a trash sound system and on a quality set of music equipment that produces every note perfectly.

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