water should be free

Why Keep Paying For Bottled Water at Concerts?

16 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

water is human rightAre you annoyed that you have to pay an extremely high and unreasonable price for bottled water every time you go to a public venue? Have you noticed that something so common that is around us is overpriced and treated like gold nugget? Water is literally everywhere, but once you enter a concert hall or a sports event, it seems like everyone forgets that water is one of the basic human rights.

Event managers act like water is so precious around their premises. Everyone knows that drinking tap water is often dangerous. The bottled water is also tastier and feels better than the one coming from the community pipes and into the public buildings, so no one wants to drink this type of water. On the other hand, bottled water is sold extremely expensive, which is simply unacceptable. However, people don’t have a choice but to buy bottled water because they are thirsty and the officials almost always ban entering the events with liquids from outside. Tap water isn’t drinkable and the water being sold is overpriced, but what choice do you have, right?

water should be freeThe reasons for this might be several. One of the reasons is, of course, economical. Managers of such events usually want to profit from the people’s thirst, but sometimes if not more often than not, managers hire other companies to organize the catering and take care about drinks which leaves a lot of chance for these people to make prices as they like them. That’s why you’re sold water by the price of oil.

Another reason might be security. People getting liquids from outside can smuggle anything they want. We live in a dangerous world filled with terrorists that are just waiting for such an event to make an attack. That’s why security takes everything that might be suspicious. You’ll be amazed how little it takes to create a bomb with just a few liquids placed into a bottle that says water on it. Since security guards can’t drink from everyone’s bottle, they simply prevent these unknown drinks from getting into the building.

You’re now probably saying – yeah, you’re right, but what’s the solution? Well, the solution is very simple if authorities would like to help. It’s citizens’ job to make city and government officials do something about this, so every time we have a chance, we should try to remind officials what needs to be done.

The solution is called – water softeners and water filtration. It’s the 21st century, science and technology are no longer on the level of the 1950’s. We need to make a change and provide drinkable water to everyone in the world if possible. We need to start from our own yard, right? City and government officials, but also private organizers of events should have in mind that water is every person’s right, and tap water shouldn’t be wasted just like that. This is drinkable water with just a little effort.

Water softeners and water filtration work by simply purifying the water that goes through them. They are installed directly on the pipes coming to the kitchens or toilets, or directly on the faucets in these rooms. As water flows through them it is being purified from toxins and it becomes soft and drinkable. Another option which is also pretty affordable for everyone is the water filter pitcher that cleans the tap water and make it drinkable.

This solution for large halls and public venues is important for two reasons – economy and environment. Before any event, a ton of water is bought for people working on projects. All this water is stored in bottles which costs a lot of money. Also, all these bottles end up in the garbage once they are empty. This is a huge impact on the environment. So, as a conclusion, we spend a lot of money to pollute the environment while at the same time the solution is right in front of our nose and is much less expensive.

All concert halls should install water softeners and water filtration systems as this are the best and only logical solution to the water problem nowadays. With it, everyone benefits. Managers can highlight the care for the environment and make a go green campaign that will inspire, but also make a profit for cutting all the bottled water that is purchased for the need of the employees and the performers.

It’s kind of a win-win situation for everyone. Yes, there’s a slight investment at the beginning but just the math and see how much you’ll profit by placing water filtration systems. On top of everything, you’ll create more than 50% less waste, which is a serious care for mother nature and our environment.

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