Your Car Is Your Temple

Your Car Is Your Temple

15 Nov 2018 Sanctum Bristol

Your Car Is Your TempleA lot of people treat their cars like temples. Some might think that looking at your car like it’s a temple is overrated but a constant and cautious care of your car goes a long way that might even save your life.

Some things are basics that every driver and owner of a car must do regularly. Other things, like taking care of the car’s interior, are less important but also need to be taken into consideration by those that like to feel inside their cars like they do at home. The parts running the car and interior of the car are equally important for creating a good ride and making a joyful feeling while staying at the car.

Here’s a list of the most important stuff that needs to be checked regularly. When we say regularly, we mean having a check at least twice a year even though more often checks are also recommended.

1. Oil

The car is running thanks to the engine. The most important part that takes care of the proper work of the engine is the oil. Regular checks of the oil are very important and a change of the oil is mandatory. Depending on the car and the amount of using the car, the oil should be changed on a certain amount of time. Most cars driven in urban areas need an oil change once a year. However, different cars and different drivers will have to change the oil depending on their needs.

2. Brake Pads

Brake Pads

Probably the most important part of your car is the brakes. Nothing is more dangerous during driving than brakes failing. The part that is most submissive to overuse in the complete braking system of your car is the brake pads. You need to check how used the brake pads are and change them before it’s too late. How to know if this part needs a change and what are some of the best brake pads?

Unless you’re a professional mechanic, you probably won’t notice that your pads are getting old. However, a sure sign that you need to change your brake pads is the sound they make when you use the braking pedal.

What are the most common brake pads used in cars?

Standard Semi-Metallic – these brakes are the most used ones in the industry. They have the best performance in many segments and that’s why they are the most used.

Ceramic – made of ceramics and just a little amount of metal, these brakes make less noise and have a lot of great performances. However, they cost more.

Organic – Made of organic materials, these brakes have low-performance rate but they are much quieter which is why are very popular among some drivers.

Low metal organic – also made of organic materials and just a little metal, these brakes are more durable but create more noise than the previous.

3. Tires


Tires are as important as brakes. A flat tire on a high speed means certain losing control over your vehicle. If the speed is extreme, death is very possible to happen. That’s why you need to keep your tires in perfect condition at all times. The air pressure inside is very important for good control of the steering. Also, having the perfect tire type for the right weather condition means a better and more relaxing drive. There are basically two types of tires – those for summer and for the winter period.

Summer tires have smaller treads which give them easier traction and faster movement. This is good for the summer days when the asphalt is warm and the rubber connects with road much easier. This gives better control and wastes less fuel.

Winter tires have bigger treads so the tire can connect better with the road. This is especially important for slippery conditions like snow, rain, and even ice.

4. The Interior

The previous three will save your life on the road, and this one will keep you happy while driving. Having a good sound system, a well designed and kept driving seat, and everything else inside will make your time spent inside the car a joyful and happy time. There is no good and relaxed driving if you have everything done to perfection on the outside and inside it looks like you’re driving a tractor that just got out from the field with corn.


Keeping your car in a perfect condition might literally save your life. Never underestimate the importance of having all the parts of your car run properly. Taking care of your vehicle is the first and only thing you must do if you love your car. And if you love it, the car will love you back and keep you safe at all times.

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